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Friday, December 14, 2007

Compound your CPM traffic from blogskinny

Compound your CPM traffic from blogskinny is a site that I had registered with a while ago. It was one of the few directory of blogs that I had actually gained some decent traffic back from. They actually emailed me everytime I got some traffic from them, and from what I can tell they have no intention to stop sending traffic my way. All you have to do is put their image on the blog and register in their directory.

When you first register, select the appropriate directory in their "Directory of Blog Directories" you would want you blog to be placed in to to gain the most traffic.

If you write a post about them, they will give you 1500 free visitors to your blog. WoW! Now if that is not a great way to show appreciation to all faithful bloggers, I do not know what is!

The main goal of this post is to let you know, go head and give blogskinny a shot. I am definately pleased with their standards.

If you want to take this further and compound the CPM traffic from blogskinny read my previous post on getting 1000s of FREE impressions and boost your blog CPM.

1 comment:

Tapan said...

Nice to know. Did you get a lot of traffic via them?

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