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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Charity Boat Donation IRS Tax Benefits 2007

Charity Boat Donation IRS Tax BenefitsBoat Donations to "boats with causes" charity is a fantastic way to get a deduction on your federal income taxes. All Charity Boat Donations and any other items donated to charity are 100% tax deductible. This includes Trailers, Sail kits, and any electronics such as fish finders, GPS, Radar autopilots and other marine accessories.

The IRS allows you to deduct for your boat donation, the actual market value of your boat donation or other vessel donation. There are rules that apply to this process however. Any boat donation to Boats with Causes and the With Causes charitable organization is accepted running or non-running (in most cases).

Boatangel accepts boat donations and sells them on ebay at for the purpose of creating and distributing charitable donations absolutely free of charge (even free shipping and 100% free towing.) No passing the costs to you! Boatangel Carangel has less than 5% overhead.

Some of the Benefits of donating boats to Boats with Causes are:

1. Outstanding opportunity for a tax deductible gift that benefits numerous individuals throughout the United States and abroad.

2. Saves precious time, sweat and expenses: dock fees, maintenance, storage, insurance, gas and classified ads or brokers fees.

3. Your income tax deduction is based on a fair market value as established by one of our qualified marine surveyor. You can get an idea of your boat donations value by visiting this site: Free Boat Appraisal Guide

4. Your boat donation helps the Charities and charitable programs we support, enhance programs, and substantially increase resources of many charitable causes needed to support our communities.

5. In many cases the financial benefits of donating boats to Boats with Causes outweighs the effort and money spent trying to sell your used boat yourself.

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MrGS said...

I had no idea that boat donations have positive effects on the Taxes. Thanks for the info!

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