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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Make money from invitation only beta of Hulu

NBC Universal/News Corp's newest product "Hulu", the next YouTube is still in private beta and invitation only. I just received the invitation and here’s a sample clip from NBC’s 30 Rock, in which "Liz finally talks to Cerie about her inappropriate choice of clothing at the office."

With a very quick look it sounds like Hulu have a fairly nice collection of SNL, 30 Rock, Tonight Show, The Office, Prison Break, The Simpsons, Heroes, 24 and other videos, considering its still in beta and the full screen resolution was quite good.

If NBC and partners make full range of Tonight Show, SNL, 30 Rock and alike available at the full launch, the site will be booming with web viewers, making up for the market share NBC has lost in recent years.

You can now embed content from Hulu onto you blog and start making money using Hulu with AdSense. Ofcourse Hulu is not fully integrated with AdSense Video units, but you can manually replace the YouTube player code and make your own Hulu enabled AdSense unit.

You can sign up for private beta invitation at Hulu.

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