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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blog Income Report for Dec 2008

Now I have the blog income report for Dec 2008. Dec was one hell of a month for me, I think in all honesty Dec is another good month that has gone by.

Total Blog Income Report for Dec 2008: $1,009.99

Thank you to my readers for believing in my blog principles and your determination that anyone can make a steady blog income from the FREE blogger platform. Overall Dec was my best month yet and I see Jan being even better. I only have all my readers to thank for this as well as my sponsors. Without ether one of you I wouldn’t have this blog, so thank you very much.

Overall some pretty good increases in my statistics this month. I feel that my greatest achievement was my RSS Subscribers. One of my goals for Dec was to increase my readership to 100 readers. Just yesterday I reached a high of 111 RSS Subscribers. Thank you everyone for taking the time to sign up to my RSS Feed.

I have monetized my blog in 22 different ways listed below.So lets get down to the figures of this month!

Here is my blog income report for Dec 2008:

1. Earnings: $0.00
2. Google AdSense Earnings: $161.29
3. A.W.Surveys Earnings: $59.75
4. AuctionAds / ShoppingAds Earnings: $25
5. WidgetBucks Earnings: $25
6. Smorty Blog Advertising Earnings: $0
7. Buxr Earnings: $10
8. Kontera ContentLink(TM) Earnings: $99.12
9. Helium Earnings: $5.21
10. Blogsvertise Earnings: $25
11. PayPerPost Earnings: $35.50
12. Fusion Cash Earnings: $5
13. BidVertiser Earnings: $5.8
14. AdBrite Earnings: $81.18
15. Pheedo Feed Advertising Earnings: $0.80
16. Voxant Newsroom Earnings: $0.70
17. Earnings: $0.50
18. Hubpages Earnings: $0.20
19. Valued Opinions Earnings: $14.5
20. bloggerwave: $0
21. Chitika|Premium : $35.13
22. Clicksor : $420.31
Total Blog Income Report for Dec 2008: $1,009.99

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For my past earnings, here are the links:
November 2008 earnings of $1,008.72
October 2008 earnings of $1,132.112
September 2008 earnings of $917.22
August 2008 earnings of $612.58
July 2008 earnings of $679.08
June 2008 earnings of $605.82
May 2008 earnings of $465.45
Apr 2008 earnings of $340.48
Mar 2008 earnings of $296.54
Feb 2008 earnings of $320.30
Jan 2008 earnings of $343.63
Dec 2007 earnings of $115.33
Nov 2007 earnings of $124.07
Oct 2007 earnings of $111.75

I’d say these are pretty impressive statistics considering the amount of actual work that went into this blog. I spent maybe two hours at most working on this, though it did constantly occupy my thoughts.

Anyway, here’s to Jan and making $1000 one post at a time! Let’s see what happens. I can hardly wait to get started!

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