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Saturday, January 10, 2009

FREE $15 gift card from

If you a are MyPoints member that today I saw a banner on their site that with every redemption before the end of the year they are giving away a free $15 gift certificate. So if you are going to redeem soon and want the freebie, now is a good time to redeem. After my redemption, I saw a special offer stating, "everytime you redeem until 1/15/09, you'll receive a free FTD gift card" But there's no link and no other details. Don't know how long it'll take to deliver the gift card either. I am guessing Mypoints would either mail me the FTD gift card or email me a $15 code. If you are not a Mypoints member please leave a comment and I will give you a referral so that you get 250 points on signup.

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