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Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to earn quick e-Miles

e-Miles Members earn e-Miles miles through earning opportunities for the Member's time spent viewing marketing or advertising messages and answering questions about the messages. The amount of e-Miles miles that can be earned will be stipulated with each earning opportunity. Miles can be earned with your choice of major U.S. and international airlines, including AirTran, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Northwest Airlines, or US Airways. The program is up and running, and looks quite promising. Links to ads are posted on the page you get when you go to your home page. This is automatic if you accept cookies. Clicking on each ad gives you a pop-up after you click on the link. But the original page changes to a list of a few questions at the same time. You must always answer the questions to get the miles. The questions are easy and few. I consider this worth my time. Sometimes an email is sent to you telling you that you have earnings opportunities, sometime not. I recommend checking the site frequently to see if you have an earnings opportunity.

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