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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why I wouldnt buy Honda’s FCX Clarity hydrogen car

The zero Emission Sedan of the future is a reality today with its zero emissions and domestic fuel and helps slow increase in greenhouse gases. It is fun to drive and yet smooth and powerful with groundbreaking new fuel cell stack. And its also built with unyielding safety of Six airbags and Vehicle Stability Assist ™ (VSA®) along with Collision Mitigation Braking System ™ (CMBS™). The Honda FCX Clarity debuted in July, and the automaker is leasing about 200 of the cars to customers in Southern California during the next three years. Tens of thousands of car enthusiasts have applied to be among the first to lease.

Yet I wouldn't buy this marvel car due to the reasons below:

* The lack of fueling stations will limit the reach of these vehicles for many years
* No traditional gear selector
* Small electronic shifter near the steering wheel that was awkward to use
* The rear window seemed to limit visibility.
* Some analysts have estimated it would cost $200,000

The Clarity, and any hydrogen fuel cell for that matter, has plenty of question marks and hurdles. But it gives us a sense of what lies ahead.

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