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Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to create iTunes account without credit card

As part of one of the steps to get cracked iPhone apps for iPhone or iPod Touch, you need to download a app from the App Store. The problem is you don't have a credit card in order to creat a iTunes account. Or, maybe the App you want isn’t available in your country’s store. This guide will let you create a free account for any country the iTunes store runs in.

1. First of all – select the iTunes store in which you’d like to have an account. You can use the store selector towards the bottom of the iTunes store homepage.

2. When the front page loads up for your desired country – go and click on the top app from the “Top Free App” section.

3. When the app page loads, hit the ‘Get App’ button.

4. The login prompt will appear – click on ‘Create New Account’

5. Click Continue, then tick the “I Accept” box, and click Continue again

6. Fill out your details on the next page (you’ll need a real, valid email address), and click continue

7. And now, here is where it gets interesting. If you have followed each of the previous steps, you should now have a ‘None’ option as a payment method. Select that ;)

8. After that, fill out your details. If you don’t live in the country you’re creating the account in, make up an address. (Like say, for example, one of Apple’s Retail Store locations if they have some in that country. – ), then click Continue

9. You will now see a message telling you to click on the confirmation link sent to the email you supplied earlier; it looks a little like this;

Then check your email inbox (or spam folder), open the email and click the confirmation link

10. iTunes will pop up, and here you’ll enter your brand new iTunes account details.

11. If all goes to plan, you will be greeted with a congratulations page.

12. You’re done! You can now download free music (namely the ‘Free Single Of The Week’), as well as some free TV shows in some stores, and all the free apps that are available to you in the App Store

Wait… why couldn’t I just create an account without going to the app store first?

If you try and create an account straight from the log on box/when you purchase some music, you will be missing the ‘None’ option from Step 7.

Can I fill out my credit card details for another country’s store?
Not unless it was issued in the country that you’re trying to add it to – iTunes will verify the location of where the card was issued. So, for example, you couldn’t use an Australian Visa card in the United States store.

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