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Friday, October 3, 2008

Professional suit for bloggers

Made to Measure is the new suit revolution in town. Now within just 2 weeks you could be wearing a Made-To-Measure suit from MySuit. If you are a professional blogger girl or a guy, you need a professional suit for those blogging conferences at IZEA or blogworld and nothing is more convenient than their online scheduler to make an appointment to be measured. It's fast,
it's free and when you decide to purchase your Made-To-Measure suit, you'll be ready to go. This is a global company with over 40 years of manufacturing and retail experience. It is a division of one of the largest suit makers in the world. On average you pay at least double the wholesale cost when you buy a suit at a retail outlet. While it does cost more in time and materials to create a Made-To-Measure suit, it isn't double the cost, so both you and My Suit benefit from the direct-to-consumer sale. Because of the costs of maintaining large inventories, many companies in the apparel industry as well as other industries now manufacture on demand rather than anticipating markets. More efficient electronic and shipping infrastructures have also contributed to the reality and profitability of on demand production. Thats the reason you get a great suit at such an affordable price point. I was also amazed by their measuring experience that I got online and their unique concept of Thirty vs. Three that is explained in so detail. Then next you get an outstanding styling experience and see all different kinds of jacket styles and personal pant styles. The final step is the fabric selection and once you have selected your fabric, every detail of your new suit will be reviewed with you and your suit will be priced. I went ahead and made an appointment at
and will soon be the owner of a great looking blogging suit. I would like the way I look now.

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