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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheapest parking rates in USA

Last time I was at Sycamore, IL, I had noticed that there's at least one place left where it costs just a penny to feed a parking meter.

Welcome to Sycamore, a town of 16,000 in north-central Illinois where parking costs just a penny for 12 minutes. They have the cheapest meters in the U.S. at a penny, nickel, dime.

Officials say a nickel buys an hour of parking time and a dime two hours.

Got a quarter. That gets a whopping 12 hours.

But watch out if the meter expires. And they are the cheapest fine at a quarter, and at a dollar, I still can't find anyone cheaper.

Last month, Sycamore city council voted to quadruple the parking fine for unpaid meters.

It's now a dollar, up from 25 cents.

Here is some more mind-boggling info on Sycamore from the net (not sure how far this is true):
The town is so small that two blocks off the main drag and you are in plowed fields. Their idea of a 4th of July celebration is 4 kids running around the park with sparklers. The motel for one night costs $5.00 and that didn't include breakfast. They still have a village idiot. Some day they might even get big enough for a McDonalds. The local theater is open in the summer and only on weekends. Admission is a nickel,you bring your own chairs and the movie screen is the side of a barn that has been painted white. The local kids still go out sparking on lover's lane when the sheriff is at the movie. Do you realize the 3rd largest city in Illinois is only about 10,000 people and Sycamore doesn't even make the top 1,000 list. So for a fun place to visit this summer go to Sycamore,Il. Living there is cheap. All you have to do is get away from O'hare airport and so west.When you think you are in the middle of nowhere keep going.

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