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Monday, November 26, 2007

Join rssHugger and create a viral marketing buzz for your Blog

rssHugger is a new website launched by Colin LaHay who also is responsible for Wordhugger.

RSSHugger is essentially a directory of RSS feeds to help bloggers promote their blogs, and to help visitors discover new blogs that write about subjects that the readers are interested in.

Through the power of the internet and viral marketing, rssHugger looks to bring blog writers and blog readers closer together. Previously, a blogger had to pay $10 to register their blog for a period of 10 years within the RSS Hugger directory, but after listening to the community outcry’s requesting the removal of the fee, Colin’s decided to trade inclusion in RSSHugger for backlinks and a review instead.

So its pretty simple, register at the site, blog about it, and you’re well on your way to a hopeful return of traffic and increased RSS subscriptions.

1. If you own a blog, you can get your own page on rssHugger for 10 years for giving an honest review of the site on your blog.

2. If you want to join rssHugger but do not want to review our site, you can pay a one time review fee of $20.

rssHugger will be the first ever quality, spam free, and viral rss directory strictly for bloggers.


Sam said...

This is great and also very interesting post,thank you very much.

sky said...

You have provided a useful information on how these marketers fail. I am waiting for your next post...

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