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Monday, November 26, 2007

Block rogue advertisers and boost your AdSense revenue

Most of you must be aware that the minimum AdSense payout is $0.01 and many rogue advertisers use AdSense Arbitrage techniques to steal your valuable traffic... and cost you money.

AdsBlackList is the innovative solution to your problem that helps you to filter out the ads with low payouts and improve your readers’ experience at the same time. They also let you identify any Made For Adsense sites or MFA’s that are normally scraper sites which contain almost no original content and whose goal is to get visitors to their site just to click on ads.

Filtering these rogue sites is as simple as shown below:

1. Sign up for FREE AdsBlackList account -There are 3 membership options - I have only tried the Basic (FREE) Account, but the premium options offer regular automatic updates and integration with adsense.

2. Search by Keyword or Domain. AdsBlackList will return a list of up to 200 (with the free membership option) blacklisted sites which are known to advertise using those keywords. These are the advertisers whose ads you don’t want on your site.

3. Sign in to you AdSense account and goto the Competitive Ad Filter setup. This allows you block specific ads from appearing on your site by allowing you to supply a list of the advertisers’ URL’s. This can be done at the domain level or even down to a specific sub-directory if there is only one page you want to block.

4. Simply copy paste the MFA or LCPC blacklisted sites (max 200) into either of AdSense for Content filters or AdSense for Search filters or both of them.

Remember not to click on your own ads to determine the destination URL, as this is a violation of AdSense program policies.

Competitive Ad Filter setup takes a couple of hours to get activated. After setting this up, monitor your Adsense Revenue reports for a week or so and review that those clicks worth $0.01 dont appear anymore.

The greatest advantage of removing most of the disreputable advertisers from your website is to maintain or perhaps even enhance your site’s reputation to increase more traffic and generate lucrative revenue from the most paying advertisers.

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