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Friday, June 19, 2009

Who let the frogs out?

The frogs are out on cyberspace and they are the amazing BluFrog breed. These frogs can make you a big winner simply by a blog comment or a twitter tweet or a blog post. It is that easy to win a get away or a gaming package. If you are commenting on the blog then just leave a comment on their contest page telling which experience you want to win and why. If you are trying to enter via Twitter Tweet then just spread the word about the contest by tweeting why you entered to win and which experience you would choose if you won. Be sure to include #bluworld and in your tweet. Finally if you are entering via blog post on your blog, then write a blog post about the contest and which experience you would choose if you won. Be sure to leave a comment on their contest page with the URL if the trackback doesn't appear.

Again I am listing here the five BLU prizes that will make you think who let these blu frogs out

1. BluGamer: The Ultimate Gaming Package
What are every gamer’s dream gifts these days? New socks and underwear? Um, not so much. How about an Xbox 360 Elite Gaming System with a Rock Band 2 bundle to boot? Now that sounds more like it!

2. Happy Blu-Year: Win a New Years Eve trip to NY
No dispute here. You KNOW where you’d love to be as the clock nears midnight on December 31st … and now you and a friend can get there, absolutely free!

3. Blullapalooza: Win a trip to Lolapalloza in Chicago
Get ready to jam all day and into the night, as you and your music-crazed friend attend the world’s most famous music festival in Grant Park, Chicago. It’s Lollapalooza time and you are THERE, absolutely free!

4. BluStreak: Win a Richard Petty Racing Experience
Ready to race up a Blu streak? Then this is your pick … the Richard Petty Driving Experience that gives you the thrill of stock car racing, side-by-side action, drafting, passing and all! And you and a friend get it all, absolutely free!

5. XtremeBLU: Win a trip to the Winter X Games in Aspen
You can’t get more Extreme than this … it’s the 14th Winter X Games from ESPN and you’re front and center in the middle of all the action … for free!

My favorite is the #1 BluGamer since I am an avid gamer and always a XBOX fan trying to get my hands on the new Project Natal that is going to change the gaming industry forever. This will give me a platform to get ready for Project Natal. So I am going for it now, Any other takers?

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