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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gift a stem cell and save $200

Whatever your age, you are younger this month than you will be next. And now you have the option to capture your moment and take charge and be cutting edge: to lead the stem cell revolution with C'elle. The most ideal time for any woman regardless of her age who experiences menstruation to collect and preserve her C'elle menstrual stem cells is during her very next period, while her body is disease-free and continues to produce this most precious resource. Many women may likely want to consider the opportunity to participate in the C'elle service on multiple occasions while during the era of her menstruation. You never know that your stem cells may help you most loved ones in the future. If you have loved someone and lost their love, the stem cells will still preserve the memory of your love and can be everlasting gift to refreshing your memories. Give a unique gift to protect the future health of someone you care about. With C'elle's exclusive and proprietary technology, stem cells in a woman's menstrual blood can easily be collected, isolated and cryo-preserved. And getting started is fast and simple with C'elle's easy-to-use collection kit. Now you can even save $200 with the special code CN200. Order your kit today and see the C'elle benefits for yourselves.

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