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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Make money online for your services using Mavenlink

UnknownI was inspired by reading the four hour workweek book by Tim Ferris and then I started hunting the web for avenues to collaborate online to get projects done. The first one I came across was Mavenlink. Mavenlink is not just any other 'freelance' sites on the web, and none other compare to Mavenlink. It is the first site that promotes YOUR brand instead of detracting from it. You now have an opportunity to differentiate your services and sell value instead of hourly rates. And, perhaps most importantly, working within Mavenlink speeds the overall engagement with your clients rather than slowing the process. All in all a great experience. Its all the great essence that is being preached in the four hour workweek book.

To start with become a member, then you can fill out a more detailed profile, or begin posting or finding projects immediately. Then you are ready to find and post projects and once a project is posted on the site, Mavens can find it, ask clarifying questions of the Client, and bid on it when they're ready. Collaboration tools enable Clients and Mavens to communicate, track, deliver, and evaluate at each stage of the project. When the Maven delivers the project and the Client accepts, Mavenlink triggers an immediate PayPal payment. So its a great way to make money online for your services.

For businesses and clients, Mavenlink provides the most accessible, affordable, and efficient way to provide the flexibility you need to acquire expertise. Find exactly the expertise you're seeking to complete projects of any size or complexity. With Mavenlink, you can access just-in-time advisory and consulting services, save substantial time and money, and eliminate cumbersome administrative overhead. Mavenlink is the most accessible, affordable, and efficient way to provide your business with the flexibility you need to acquire expertise. And did I mention that joining is free, quick, and easy?


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