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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

QLOG musings for effective SEO

I came across which is a decent site for getting interesting information on various topics and asking the questions and Amy and the audience at large answering them. Its a mix of bullentin board and blog and also has several free tips and twitter updates regularly posted on the site.

I liked the post on SEO on where they have explained the difference between Organics versus PPC in the layman's terms by simply citing the example that Rome was not built in a day. I am sure that QLOG will eventually build a web empire that is even bigger than Roman empire and now is the time where you can contribute to its growth by visiting QLOG and showing up your support.

I can give the testimony that QLOG has helped me increase my site traffic without spending a fortune and gave me a ton of ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of my homepage by creating a more efficient shopping cart and checkout process. There are some articles that can give you ideas on how you can boost sales dramatically with aggressive email marketing. Its a great tool for simplified reporting and performance measurements as well.

Right now, the QLOG is about a month old so there aren't a ton of posts. But they are doing a phenomenal job of adding about 2-3 posts a week about everything from analytics, conversion, creative, and email marketing,to navigation, SEO/SEM, shopping carts, and other topics of interest. As promised on QLOG, there are also also be guest posters on various topics so users can hear from other experts in the field.

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