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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Your Millionaire Attitude

Your Millionaire Attitude is reactivating the motivational success factor and happiness within you. It includes action steps in each chapter to help you move forward and achieve your personal goals. Plus strategies to help you start.

If you are stuck in your life right now, lost your positive thinking and motivation or perhaps having trouble reaching your goals and finding success in all areas of your life, then Your Millionaire Attitude is the right book for you.

In this book Pam Brossman, Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, shares with you tips, tools strategies and examples of how she reactivated her Millionaire Attitude after facing financial ruin whilst going through a family tragedy all at the same time.

"I believe everyone is born with the Success Factor and ability to succeed at whatever they want in life, but somewhere along the way people have stopped living the dream". This personal development book has been created with the sole purpose of reactivating that motivation and attitude to inspire you to get back out there and live the life you were born to live.

Pam Brossman has been studying successful people for 10 years and believes mindset and attitude play a huge role in anyone reaching their goals in life. In Your Millionaire Attitude Pam takes you through the key activation word Attitude and shows you through examples, case studies, stories and tools how to activate the Millionaire Attitude that's already inside of you, but that may have just got buried in past adversity, challenges and circumstances in your life.

This book shares very moving, heartfelt and true stories of real life experiences that Pam Brossman has faced in her life, and how she has overcome them to live the life she was born to live.
You will learn how important
- Attitude
- Thinking Bigger
- Teachers
- Implementation
- Trust
- Uniqueness
- Determination
- Elevation
Are to getting you where you want to go, plus how you can achieve anything you want to achieve in your life if your 'Why' is strong enough, and you truly believe you can do it.

Pam's mission is to help people to get back out there and start living the dream. She says "If I can help one person to stop living in the past, move forward, start striving for their goals and get back out there and have a go, then writing this book, and sharing my story, will have been worth it".

If you are unhappy, have lost your way, are feeling stuck, need motivation, inspiration or some tools and strategies for goal setting, wiping the slate clean, moving forward, thinking positive and getting your success attitude reactivated, then you are going to love this book.

Success is just a positive habit. Once you start shifting your attitude to a Millionaire Attitude the compounding effect kicks in and doors start opening and opportunities start appearing that you never thought possible.

I am just like you, the only difference is that I changed my negative habits to 'get out there and have a go' habits and I have never looked back. I want to help you succeed in your own life which is why I created actions steps to help you create your own success habits and live the life of your dreams.

Success really is just an attitude, just believe you can do it and then get out there and do it.

Just a warning, activating your success millionaire mindset is addictive. Once you get started on your journey to success in your life you can't get enough of the positive shift in lifestyle. You are happier, you laugh more, your health improves, you start looking younger, your relationships flourish and you jump out of bed each day smiling.

Also included in the Your Millionaire Attitude ook is details on how to access your free video tutorials, success worksheets, positive habit millionaire mindset tools to help you activate your millionaire attitude.

"Life is a choice.....what are you going to choose?" Pam Brossman

Let me help you to activate Your Millionaire Attitude.

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