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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dad's Guide To Life For Girls

For young women in the process of becoming independent from their parents, there's a lot to learn. Unfortunately, parental advice is often perfunctory, piecemeal and in short supply these days. Modern life is hectic--parents are busy, if not absent, kids are over-scheduled with activities, and fathers recede or disappear entirely from their daughters’ lives with alarming regularity. The result is that many girls leave the family nest with a bare minimum of practical advice on what to expect out in the wild world and how to deal with it all. 

Dad's Guide To Life For Girls distills into one volume the most essential things a young woman needs to know when first negotiating the world on her own. And it does it from a Dad's point of view that young women can respect and relate to. With a wide-ranging focus that includes chapters on character, understanding men, finance, success and happiness, Dad's Guide To Life For Girls is chock full of wisdom, tips, and know-how that every girl can use to avoid mistakes and bad situations and make better choices as she begins her independent life. 

Whether it's advice about guys, about handling money, or about what is right and wrong, young women get the answers they need, piece by piece, creating values and knowledge to last a lifetime. Dad's Guide To Life For Girls offers its wisdom in small, easily grasped bits and is written in a breezy, irreverent style accented with whimsical illustrations that adds up to a entertaining and informative read.

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