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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The After-Hours Trader: How to Make Money 24 Hours a Day Trading Stocks at Night

The discounted price of this book reflects its content. For $15 it is worth the read but not much more.
One problem this book has is that it repeats information across chapters. If this repetition was removed, the size probably would be reduced by 50 pages, if not more. A sizeable amount of historical information takes up many pages. Some of it is interesting, and some of it isn't. You will have to decide for yourself. My feeling is that the author should have replaced a portion of it with screen captures related to other things, rather than write a lot of filler.

A second problem is that much of the information is dated. All authors of trading and investing encounter this same problem. The book was written when a year ago there was a raging bull market. Since the market correction (really, a crash) earlier this year, volume has declined during regular hours and after hours. This lack of liquidity in the current bear market makes it more difficult to trade after hours.

Lastly, as an actual trader, I can tell you that no beginner should be trying to trade in the after hours market. It is ironic that many newcomers want to trade after hours because of their full time job commitment.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, but with reservations. I believe anyone who intends to be successful at trading should read as much as possible. New traders should buy it, be entertained, and learn a few new things about this specialized area of trading.

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