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Sunday, February 26, 2012

ShareBuilder Promotion Codes: Free Automatic Trades (Updated 2012)

There are a few new codes that give you automatic investment credits, and also two new codes that will give you $50 and $25 bonuses respectively if you make a $25+ transfer over (each) to ShareBuilder with no trades required.

To enter the codes into your account, first log in to ShareBuilder, and then go to the Accounts tab > Overview > Profile & Settings > Enter Promotion tab

In the marked box, enter a code. If it works, you should see a confirmation that says something like:

Thank you for referring ShareBuilder to your friends! Your 2 real-time trades have been credited to your account and are available to use immediately.

How To Verify
To see how many free automatic trades you have, click on the top Trade > Automatic Investing and look for “You have XX Automatic Investment credits”. If you click on it, you’ll note that these may have different expiration dates.

Active Codes
BDAY12JY (1 free automatic investments, expire 3/31/2012)
12AIP (12 free automatic investments, expire 3/31/2012)
SK483GXM2BU9 (5 free automatic investments, expire 12/31/2014)
START50 ($50 bonus with electronic deposit of $25+, enter this code before the code below)
INVEST122111 ($25 bonus with electronic deposit of $25+)
3AIP*GEJZOH (try if above doesn’t work)

Expired Codes

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