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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make money and miles with Performing Arts Tickets

You can earn miles or points for U.S. Air, Delta, Starwood, and Best Buy for answering trivia questions. They change sporadically. Two miles or points each (sometimes 20), for five or so questions which change irregularly. You may participate in all of the programs, as the questions are different for each. Just use a different email address for each. In addition, you earn 2 ShowPoints per question. If you have 2500 Show Points you can exchange them into miles at As we all know the ratio is not great, but if you're never going to use the Show Points it's the best way

When you sign up for each program, use different email addresses, and be sure to record your Audience Rewards account numbers. Then, for the Delta questions, log in using your Delta account number in the upper left corner before answering the questions. For the U.S. Airways, Starwood, and Best Buy questions, first answer the first question, then click on the very bottom link of the pop up to log into your Audience Rewards account using your Audience Rewards account numbers, not your account numbers for U.S. Airways, Starwood, and Best Buy. If this doesn't work, your cookies probably say you are logged in. Go to and log out. Then click on the appropriate link below.

When I post answers here I will mention that I have done so on my What's New page. To be notified of the new answers simply subscribe to the service mentioned on that page that sends you an email whenever I post something to that page. Note: The author of the blogInACents says he intendes to keep up with the questions and answers on his blog. His answers are usually correct, but not always. However, if an error is found, it is promptly corrected. I suggest you wait a few days after his post before using his answers. I actually check my answers by entering them into the contest before posting them here, but I will not be posting them while I am traveling.

  • U.S. Airways trivia questions.
    After answering the questions, be sure to log out at
    Answers as of February 18, 2012.
    1. True or False? The title character in The Phantom of the Opera is actually named Erik. True
    2. The Lion King is currently playing at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway, but where did it open? New Amsterdam
    3. What animal head forms the handle of Mary’s umbrella in Mary Poppins? A parrot
    4. The Wicked backstage tour, Behind the Emerald Curtain, was formed by a man who played what role in the original Broadway company? The Witch’s Father
    5. True or False? Priscilla, Queen of the Desert has changed its track list for its various venues. True
    6. In which Broadway theatre does Memphis perform? The Shubert Theatre
  • Delta Airlines trivia questions
    Be sure to log in using your Delta account number in the upper left corner before answering the questions.
    After answering the questions, be sure to log out, both on the page you are on and at
    Answers as of February 26, 2012.
    1. Which of the following shows has Tom Hewitt not been in on Broadway?Follies
    2. True or False? The original first act of The Phantom of the Opera was presented at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s home. True
    3. In which country did a production of The Lion King open in June 2007 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Broadway show? South Africa
    4. The finale song in Rock of Ages is a song by what band? Journey
    5. Where does Newsies take place? New York City
  • Starwood trivia questions
    After answering the questions, be sure to log out at
    Answers as of February 17, 2012.
    1. What role did Brent Carver play in the regional production of Jesus Christ Superstar? Pontius Pilate
    2. Sergio Trujillo, the choreographer of Memphis, is what nationality?Columbian (sic)
    3. What character in The Lion King has director Julie Taymor said to be "one of the hardest roles to master" because of the physical demands of the puppetry/costume pieces"? Timone
    4. Who originally came up with the idea for the musical, Chicago? Gwen Verdon
    5. What lyricist composed the lyrics for Masquerade in The Phantom of the Opera? Alan Jay Lerner
    6. Which actress starred in the title role in Mary Poppins in London and New York? Scarlett Strallen (This is a 20 point question that only some will see.)
  • Best Buy trivia questions
    After answering the questions, be sure to log out at
    Answers as of February 26, 2012.
    1. True or False? There is NO female who sings a main song in Evita besides Eva. False
    2. What color is Glinda’s dress in the song “One Short Day” in Wicked? Yellow
    3. True or False? Tim Rice opposed the idea of casting Jesus in the new revival from a reality show. True
    4. What was the first song that George Stiles and Anthony Drewe wrote for the Mary Poppins musical? Practically Perfect
    5. The leading man of Newsies was recently in what show? Bonnie and Clyde
    6. Richard Stilgoe, who wrote some of the original lyrics for The Phantom of the Opera, also wrote lyrics for another Andrew Lloyd Webber show. Which one? Starlight Express

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