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Monday, May 11, 2009

How to get thousands of Twitter followers in a week

Twitter Snipe is the Keyword Targeted Follower, a piece of software invented by Ian Fernando and Sam Robilotta. The software automates the process of getting twitter followers. The problem with most auto follow programs is they randomly follow people or just follow all the followers of a big Twitter user. Yes, you maybe able to build a big list this way, but how targeted is it?

Twitter Snipe allows to enter keywords to find users who are talking about that very topic right now. A list is only as good as its targeting. Having 5,000 followers is worthless if they’re not interested in what you’re tweeting about.

To use Twitter Snipe, you enter the keywords you want to target, enter how many people you want to follow (make sure not to exceed your follow limit), hit go and let the program do its job. While it works in the background adding new followers, you can continue to tweet about your topic and engage your followers.

After Twitter Snipe adds the number of followers you’ve enter, it will wait for a preset time, which you can adjust, and then it will unfollow everyone who didn’t follow back. You can then start the process all over again.

Twitter Snipe sells for $77, which makes it one of the least expensive Twitter automation tools on the Internet.

If you want to dramatically increase your Twitter list with new targeted followers, then Twitter Snip is the way to do it.

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