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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drive gigantic traffic via

I’ve fiddled with the beta version a few times before, but I’m happy the Vienna, Austria-based startup is now ready to release its eponymous service,, publicly so I can finally tell you about it, too. Yes, it’s another online music startup, but worth a second look if you want my opinion.

PLAY.FM sets new standards for on-demand streaming radios: the beta version transforms the largest audio database of DJ sets and live recordings into an intelligent platform with various possibilities of participation. This will further multimedia experience on your blog and provide a rich platform to exchange music and get traffic from users across the world. I would be soon adding their widget on my blog and report the increase in traffic in my monthly report. does a really good job at serving their target audience with an on-demand streaming catalog of over 12,000 DJ sets and live sessions already, and does a great job in offering a satisfactory user experience to listeners. Each track that gets identified by (1.4 million tracks so far) can be purchased via what the startup refers to as the Meta-Shop, which essentially pulls together pricing,

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