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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Share your G1 connection over USB

There is finally an option  to use your G1 connection with your laptop.  Its not the best solution but its better than nothing. I'm posting this from my laptop using the G1, so I can confirm that it works.

The url to the site is

Here is a copy of the instructions

    * Install the app on your android phone, by clicking here (from your phone browser of course)
      You might have to change your settings to permit apps that don't come from the Google Market by going to your home screen and choosing MENU > Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources.
    * Turn USB debugging on on your phone
      On your G1 go to the home screen, press MENU > Settings > Applications > Development, then enable USB debugging.
    * Follow the instructions here to install the Android driver - you'll need to do this on Windows & Linux but apparently not on the Mac.
    * Download and install the Android SDK for your computer platform. Alternatively if you are on Windows and don't want a 100 meg download, just get the ADB utility from here
    * Plug your phone into your computer
    * Choose Proxy App from your phone's menu
    * Press the "Start Proxy" button on your phone
    * Move to the directory that has the adb utility, using inside the Sdk Tools folder and run

      Windows: adb forward tcp:8080 localabstract:Proxy
      Linux/Mac: ./adb forward tcp:8080 localabstract:Proxy

    * Now you should have a proxy server running on port 8080 of your own computer that will relay the information over the Android Debug Bridge to the Proxy App which will relay it on to the internet.
    * Set your firefox proxy : Options > Advanced > Network > Manual Proxy Configuration

      HTTP Proxy: localhost
      Port: 8080

      Leave the others blank
    * Enjoy the slow slow EDGE network, or let me know if you have glorious fast 3g coverage!
    * Remember to disable your proxy settings in firefox if you want to stop using your phone.

I had to install the Proxy.apk manually using the following code, but ymmv

adb install Proxy.apk

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