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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New iPad 3 serious bug with 4G LTE sucks up your data usage limits very quickly

Is the new iPad too hot to handle and burns your lap ? Or you should be scared of its new bandwidth hogging feature injected with 4G ? I just got my new iPad 3 and in less than 4 hours after purchasing the Bell Wireless version of the iPad + 4G — and choosing a $30, 2GB monthly data plan from Bell — I was shocked by the notification on my iPad's screen: "There is no data remaining on your current plan." This is ridiculous. Well I was just downloading new apps on it and my Wi-Fi connection dropped so the iPad switched to the 4G mode and sucked up all my data. This can cost a lot to everyone. In order to be cautious of the bandwidth eating capabilities of new iPad, I suggest keeping a keen eye on what you are doing when the Wi-Fi is lost. Now my remaining options for the month included changing to a $50 5GB data plan or an $80 10GB plan. (Telus offers a 250MB plan for $14.99; 3GB for $30; and 5GB for $50.) I suggest that you simply turn off Cellular Data within Settings when you don't need it. Also they have provided a good feature that comes in handy in order to make sure you won't get hit by cellular charges- you got the option to shut down LTE!

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