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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Make $1000 by selling ebooks online in just 3-5 minutes

This is a simple way to make money online if you have a good content blog then you can easily convert your blog into an ebook and then sell the ebook online and make money from it. Converting your blog to an eBook is a great way to have all your blog content in PDF format and it can also be use as a means to read all your blog content without going online.
How to convert your blog into ebook:
1) Anthologize
If you have a WordPress blog and want to turn your blog posts into a book, the easiest, no-hassle way to do this is to use the WordPress plugin, Anthologize. Download the plugin and upload the zip file to your plugins folder through your WordPress dashboard. 
Once you’ve activated the plugin in, you’ll find two new tabs in your menu ““ the Anthologize tab, and the imported content tab. With Anthologize, not only can you use content from your own blog, you can also import content from other sites with an RSS feed.
Once you’ve decided what content you want to use, you can start creating “˜Parts’ or chapters. Create a new part, and drag and drop the posts that you want to include. Any images in your posts will be included as they appeared in the post.
Once you have all your chapters and content ready, you can export it in one of several formats including PDF and ePub. You can also include a dedication or acknowledgement, choose between A4 or letter size, and select the font.
The final file includes a copyright page, where it states that the ebook was generated by Anthologize, while the table of contents consists of click through links leading you the content at the click of a button.

2) Zinepal
If you don’t use wordpress, Zinepal an easy-to-use alternative that will help you achieve similar results. Simply enter the URL to your blog or feed, and it will pull up a list of the latest posts.  Select the posts you want to use and add them to your ebook. Of course, the list is limited to the most recent stories from any given site. If you want to include older posts, you can use the handy bookmarklet and clicking on it on any given webpage you want to add to your eBook. You can also use this method to create an entire eBook without using an RSS feed at all.
Once you’ve added all your content, you can choose the fonts and preview the ebook in PDF format. The ebook itself can be created as a PDF, in ePub format or in Kindle format.
Zinepal uses a magazine-like layout, but you do have a certain amount of control over the appearance as far as fonts and the number of columns used. When previewing your eBook, click on ‘Customize eBook’ to change the orientation, page size, number of columns and more. You can also add your own logo and advertising to your eBook using Zinepal, and although it would appear that you can choose to keep your ebook private on their site, there seems to be a glitch with that feature at the moment

Converting your blog to an eBook is easy by using a website called This website can help convert wordpress blog, Blogger blog and livejournal blog into an Electronic Book format freely. But you will have to design the front & back cover of your book yourself. In today’s post, I will only share with you how to convert your Wordpress blog, Blogger blog and livejournal blog to eBook.  The whole process takes about 3-4 minutes, depending on the size of your blog.  The steps are similar for Wordpress blog, Blogger blog and livejournal blog but i am mentioning the steps for Blogger since I am a fan of Blogger:  #1. You will need to export a copy of your blogger blog in .xml format.  #2. After exporting your blog, fill the required options then click on “create your blog book” #3. Finally, download your blog book.

Finally the next step is to sell your ebook online
Tradebit offers an easy and fast digital goods eShop service for anyone selling intangible goods online.   Tradebit provides a service for selling downloadable items such as:  software, eBooks, music, movies, graphics, manuals and how-tos and anything else that can be downloaded.   Tradebit system operates with PayPal's online payment system, Google checkout and with the affiliate integration, three reliable solutions for sending and receiving money for your online business.   You can sell anywhere from web sites, to emails, and at auction sites. Tradebit highly integrate sites like Facebook with your customized pricing on the fly!   You can use YOUR PayPal account with our automatically generated buttons. As an alternative you may use our publisher account for a fee of 30% sales commission for sales from Tradebit only. Tradebit only charges a small one time setup-fee to verify your existence and prevent fraud. 

Here is video on Tradebit

Finally here is an example of ebook that I created in just 5 minutes and selling it on Tradebit for just $0.99. I have more than 100,000 subscribers of my blog and if only 1000 of my subscribers buy this ebook, I will make my first $1000 from my ebook. Isn't that cool technique of making money from your blog by converting it to an ebook. Now for a limited time you can get this ebook for free by subscribing to my blog.

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