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Friday, December 19, 2008

Easy MyPoints ticket to FREE $10 Panera Bread reward

The MyPoints program is one of my favorites. It used to give me a free $10 Panera Bread ticket about once a month, for doing virtually nothing, with almost no inconvenience. You can ask me to refer you. You get 125 MyPoints for joining and filling out your profile, and I get some points at no cost to you. After you join, you can start referring, too. But first read the items below:

I need your first and last names, and your email address. In the past, some people I have referred have attempted to defraud MyPoints, probably by enrolling more than once under different email addresses.

MyPoints is very good at detecting this. Alas, they have threatened to close my account because too many of my referrals have tried this. So, in order to refer you, I must have your written promise that you will sign up for MyPoints only once.

I have only a limited number of referrals. If you ask for one, and then don't sign up and participate in the program, a referral is wasted. So please ask me to refer you only if you are certain you will sign up and participate. You must earn 125 points (easy) for me to receive credit.

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