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Monday, March 10, 2014

MH370 vanishing unanswered questions

Why were the cell phones of passengers left ON if they were ringing?

How come nobody is tracking the gps location of cell phones ?

If the passports stolen were used how did they changed the photos on the passport as one of the two was identified as a black ?

Is there no image captured by any satellite ?

Why are the 5 people who didn't board the plane last minute not being interrogated ? Is there proof their luggage was removed off the plane?

Are the pilots phone records, etc being investigated to make sure it was not suicide by pilot since no distress call doesn't make sense

Is this cover up for a possibility of accidental shot down by military ?

One person sighted the falling aircraft toward the sea but why didn't he take any photo?

Why aren't details of pilots last contact done with another Pilot not being released?

Why was it told earlier there were 4 fake passport used and later retracted to 2 only?

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