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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wicked Desires: Steamy Sex Stories [Kindle Edition]

Steamy Sex Stories is part one in a hot new erotica series called Wicked Desires. Stimulate your senses with this book of adult stories. Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy some of their wildest sexual desires in these steamy sex stories. Adults only 18+ Love this book! This raunchy adult book of short stories really gets your hormones racing. Each word drips with lust, passion and unadulterated sex. My husband and I enjoy reading a story each night when in bed, but we rarely get to finish a story before the action heats up. Thanks to this author for my newly rediscovered brilliant sex life. I thought that this book would at least be erotic stories with a little more plot, character development, etc. Instead, it came across as a mistitled edition of Penthouse Letters - all sex and nothing else. Normally for me, that is okay but if I want that, I read Penthouse Letters, not a supposed collection of "stories" that read as nothing more than fantasies of the author.

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