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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MBNA Smart Cash

MBNA is offering a $50 rebate if you apply for and are approved for a Smart Cash credit card through Great Canadian Rebates. For the first 6 months the card returns 5% on purchases of gas/ groceries up to $600 spending per month. After 6 months the cash back drops to 3%. The card has no annual fee.

Great Canadian Rebates is a portal to which a number of merchants are linked. If you buy through them you receive a cash rebate. I suspect the merchants and site collect data on our spending habits, but I shop with credit cards, so my spending is already tracked. You can receive the rebate as a cheque or as payment to your PayPal account. I have no affiliation to Great Canadian Rebates except as a consumer.

If you plan to apply for the card anyways, why not get $50 for it?

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