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Monday, February 16, 2009

Leaked Photos of New iPhone?

iPod Observer has just posted a photo and are claiming to it be the back cover of the new iPhone about which we have heard quite a few rumors since Macworld 2009.The photo reveals that the new iPhone case would sheds its shiny black finish for a matte look.
Last year, iPod Observer were responsible for posting the first leaked image of Apple's iPhone 3G which had turned out to be spot on.They wrote on their blog about the leaked photos: Apple may be preparing to roll out an updated version of its 16GB iPhone 3G. An image showing a new case back seems to back up rumors that an iPhone update is on the way thanks to its model number, A1303, which previously hasn't appeared on any iPhone model.
The new iPhone case back appears to shed its glossy appearance for a matte black look, and also sports what may be etched markings which indicates the plastic used in the current iPhone 3G model may be dumped in favor of a metal back -- much like the first generation iPhone."

Interestingly,MacRumors has also received additional photos claiming to be that of the new iPhone which appears to be from the same series. They can be seen below:The images of the back cover of the new iPhone have apparently originated from China and is said to be textured for better gripping.

It goes without saying that like any leaked photos, the photos are difficult to authenticate.

So assuming that these are the photos of the new iPhone, what do you think about the matte look? Do you prefer it over the shiny black finish of  iPhone 3G?

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